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Wesspace.net: The College-Only Space of Wessley Mitchell

Thanks for checking out Wesspace, my effort to return college students to their exclusive environment from which they have been wrongly exiled. Head back to the promised land, and sign up now!

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Welcome to Wesspace

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Welcome to Wesspace, the College-Only Space of Wessley Mitchell! To get started, you can go to your profile, edit your profile, or add some pictures. This can also be done from the Profile menu in the Student Card at the top of the screen.

To find friends, just start typing into the Search field in the upper-left, and names will instantly appear, unless you don't have any friends yet. If you don't, type a name, a school, or any other criteria by which you'd like to find new friends and click "Find New Friends." To start out, try searching for .

Cacophony: kuh-kof-uh-nee
  1. Webster: a harsh or discordant sound.
  2. Wesspace: a "chat room" with you and an unlimited number of your friends!

Go to the profile of an online friend and click the "Start a Cacophony" button at the top. You'll immediately see a chat-style pane appear, and once your friend accepts the invitation, you both will be able to chat, exchange links, and invite other friends to join in an enormous (but invitation-only) conversation!

Within your Student Card, click Communities to access those which you have already joined, or click Join New Community at the bottom of the menu to add another. Communities are useful because, as a member, you'll have the right to "Shout" at the rest of the community, and when you do, all community members will be notified of a community activity. When they check this community activity, they'll see all community messages organized in the community's "Shouts." You don't even have to be an administrator to use this feature!

Wesspace is not a secret to be kept! Don't forget to spread the word about Wesspace to your friends. You don't have a college-age friend who couldn't benefit, so tell everyone you see. Don't forget to use other so-called "social networking" sites like Facebook, MySpace, and Orkut.

Thanks for registering for Wesspace.net! If you were one of the first 100 people to register since the beginning of the deal, congratulations on scoring a free Wesspace.net T-shirt! More details will be fired your way soon. In the meantime, fill out your profile, post some pictures, add some friends—you know the drill. You might even express your love of Wesspace.net on your Facebook status. I'm just sayin'.

(T-shirt availability dependent on Wyatt's dedication, price elasticity of demand, and a handful of other external factors.)

Wesspace Student Card
Wesspace Student Card

Show your Wesspace pride on Facebook with the Wesspace Student Card! It takes cues from your Student Card here on Wesspace (top middle) and provides quick access to Wesspace features from your Facebook profile without taking up much room on your profile page. It even displays your current Wesspace picture. Try the Wesspace Student Card and invite your friends!

To find out about more cool tools for use with Wesspace, go the Tools page.

Access these notifications anytime from the Alerts menu within your Student Card. (The Alerts menu will disappear when you have no alerts.)
To reach your Mailbox from anywhere on Wesspace, click Mailbox within your Student Card.
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About Wesspace: The College-Only Space of Wessley Mitchell

This Web site was written entirely by me, Wessley Mitchell. Ever since Facebook gained traction as a college-only student network Web site, friends would ask me, "Could you build something like that?" At first, the site seemed too large a task for one man, but after a while, I began to respond, "Maybe, but it would take some serious time."

After performing various types of server-side scripting for several paid projects and school assignments, the inspiration came to me to try to build a social network myself using no outside code whatsoever. I brought the idea up during a volleyball game one crisp summer day, and my friends all agreed they would join. Even more motivating were Facebook's continual moves away from college student exclusivity: first came high schoolers, then various non-education fields, and finally the floodgates collapsed, drowning our beloved social network in a sea of mediocrity (that is, non-students). My friends had become very disenfranchised following these Facebook manuevers.

A week or two later, driving to again play volleyball, Samuel Maddy was further pushing the idea of a social network made from scratch when he tossed out a name which sounded so corny, it just might work: Wesspace, a title which thoroughly utilized my unusual second s. We continued our conversation, and by the time I had arrived at my destination, my mind had been made up.

Over the next month, Wesspace was slowly built in my free time, moving through private internal testing and private beta. Over the following months, it was released as a public beta, moved into release candidacy, was taken offline for big changes, and was finally relaunched with loads of new features. Since then, Wesspace continues to grow, adding members and features as quickly as possible.

Technically speaking, Wesspace was made entirely with hand-written code. Not a single WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor has ever touched this site. Notepad has been my only tool. On the face of Wesspace, it has features like most any other Web site: XHTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Less apparent is its extensive use of ASP.NET combined with an AJAX-like data retrieval method I wrote up (which, after testing, has been much easier and faster than AJAX itself).

For more information about me, the guy who built all of this with his bare hands, visit my Web site.

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Below are some handy tools for use in conjunction with Wesspace. More should be added over time.

Wesspace Cacophonies

Wesspace Cacophonies allow you to chat with an unlimited number of your online friends in a single room! From an online friend's profile, click the Start Cacophony button at the top of the page. Then, from the revealed chat pane, click "Invite Friends" and start typing to get your other buddies in on the action. And for users on the go, navigate to wesspace.net from your phone or other mobile device.

Wesspace Gadget
Wesspace Student Card

For Windows 7 and Windows Vista users, download the Wesspace Student Card gadget. From your desktop, stay updated on your messages, online friends, and various alerts without making a special trip to the site. Then, when you notice a message has arrived, see a friend come online, or spy a new alert, just click to head straight for Wesspace.

Start the download, and save it to your Desktop folder. Run the downloaded file, and when the dialog appears, click Install. The gadget should immediately appear on your desktop. Be sure to follow any additional directions.

Wesspace Student Card
Wesspace Student Card

Show your Wesspace pride on Facebook with the Wesspace Student Card! It takes cues from your Student Card here on Wesspace (top middle) and provides quick access to Wesspace features from your Facebook profile without taking up much room on your profile page. It even displays your current Wesspace picture. Try the Wesspace Student Card and invite your friends!

Wesspace Search in Your Browser
Wesspace Browser Search

Search all of Wesspace from anywhere on the Web by placing Wesspace's search in your search bar (the upper-right corner of your browser)! Now you'll be able to find a friend, find somebody new, and even send messages and shouts. It's fast and pretty awesome. To use it, click the down arrow in your search bar (again, in the upper-right corner of your browser) and go to Add Search Provider > Wesspace.net (or something similar to that, depending on your browser).

Friends' Numbers

In the event of a lost phone, use this to get back your friends' numbers. This is a replacement to the futile "I Lost My Phone..." groups from other Web sites.

Friends' Gamertags

Want to find your Wesspace friends on Xbox Live? Use this tool to grab all your friends' gamertags, and all friends who have listed their gamertag will be shown below.